About your Visit

Copsegrove is a 300 acre family farm

Copsegrove is a 300 acre family farm with nearly ten years experience of running successful school visits.

We offer a wonderful and personal rustic alternative to the usual commercial school trip.

A day at Copsegrove Farm is fundamentally about experiencing a day out in the countryside. It is about escaping technology, and classrooms, and playgrounds. It’s about getting muddy, and rosy cheeked and sitting around a camp fire.

It provides a valuable and rare opportunity for children to experience hands-on learning and traditional old fashioned fun in the great outdoors, whilst also in the context of a working farm.

A day will typically include a balance of curriculum linked activities with a forest school twist.

Days are tailor made for each group visit, based on an initial consultation with the teaching staff involved, usually involving a preliminary visit to the school, or/with a visit out to the farm if teachers prefer.

School visits to Copsegrove Farm are suitable for reception all the way up to year 6, with a maximum group size of around 30.

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