Teacher Resources

Hand washing facilities

Hand washing fun with hot water and copious amounts of anti-bac soap! We provide a full Risk Assessment for your visit, and in some cases limited funding may be available from Natural England.

On this page you can view/download all the documents you need for your visit, including our Teachers Information Pack and full Risk Assessment, as well as information about possible funding available from Natural England.

Costs and Funding

As a Science teacher herself, Kate Bankes has organised and run many field trips during her time in school, so she is only too aware of the difficulties in financing trips and making them both feasible and justifiable to run, giving all children the opportunity to participate. In the era of vast coach fees, Kate will always endeavour to try and keep costs as low as is possible to enable visits to happen.

Copsegrove therefore adopt a slightly flexible costing policy, whereby cost per child will vary from £6 to £9 per day depending upon class size, programme chosen, materials required for the day, and length of visit. We hope this helps enable all schools to come and visit!

Natural England

We also have a limited amount of funding available from Natural England which can help to subsidise the costs for a school and substantially reduce the cost per child. Please ask for availability. We try and share the funding out evenly between the schools that come, but always try and secure a day’s funding for a school coming for the first time. 

Teachers Information Pack

Our free Teachers Information Pack contains all the detailed information you need for a successful school visit to Copsegrove.

Health and Safety

Copsegrove also provide full health and safety documentation for your visit to the farm.

Please ensure that all the adults accompanying children on your visit to the farm have seen a copy of these Heath and Safety documents and are familiar with their content.

Evaluation Forms

We would be most grateful if you could spare a minute at the end of your day to complete our Evaluation Form. This helps us to continually improve the experiences that we give the children during their day at Copsegrove Farm.

If you are receiving funding for your visit from Natural England  then they also have an Evaluation Form that needs to be completed to obtain your grant. You can access the Natural England Farm Educational Visit Evaluation Form by clicking here.


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