Children’s Testimonials

Childrtens Testimonials Pictures 1

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like… I didn’t think I was going to like the Scone Twist, but I really liked it.  Becca


I liked seeing the badger sett and feeding the pigs. I can’t say how much I would love to go again.  Joe

 Childrtens Testimonials Pictures 2

My best part was when we got to do the art, 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional art. I want to come again!  Oliver

 Childrtens Testimonials Pictures 3

It was fab! The activity I enjoyed the most was den building because it was really fun. I’d love to come back whatever the weather because it was the best ever!  Maisey


My favourite bit was the toilets with a view of the woods! However the bit I loved most was the hoop game.  – Simone

 Childrtens Testimonials Pictures 4

By far my favourite part was the Scone Twists and den building… it was incredible!  Edward


You made it all sound exciting and adventurous… You have taught me a few things about meat. I’d love to come back and do everything all over again.  Olivia

 Childrtens Testimonials Pictures 5

I can’t say what I loved the most because I loved all of it so much. It was quite a long walk to get there, but I would do that walk again. It was really funny the loos with a view. I liked the Welsh black bull.  Charlotte


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